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Since Lunar brought up a very similar dilemma...

I am going out of town on business next week. My sister will take care of my dogs. That all sounds peachy keen. BUT, I have a pup (7 months) who well, doesn't like her crate- she will be okay in it when I leave for work, but sometimes will down right have a fit (she broke a tooth on the latch). I have stopped her of that (I think), but this leaves me not knowing what to do. I would like to leave her at home, but not crated all day and night. I would like to leave her in the fenced yard, but am afraid she will some how get out- and with me away, what would happen??? I have heard way too many stories lately of people leaving their dogs and the dogs taking off. I could get a tie out for her, so she can't escape the fence, and she could be outside all day- even with some of the other dogs. I could get a small run and put that up too. Of course I could always board her, but that just isn't something I want to do...

Anyway, anyone have any ideas? Anyone in upstate NY want a Kelpie puppy for a day or two????


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Are you afraid of your other dogs getting out when you are away? Mine seem to be fine as long as they are together, then they have less angst about being out.


I can understand your worries about the crate, mine don't mind it but breaking a tooth would be concerning.


I would probably opt for the run.



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