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Frustration (LONG) (VENT)

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Hi Everyone,

I am frustrated tonight. I had a friend call me yesterday morning and say she had a caught a BC young female on the busy road near our house. She had an elderly blind dog in her car that was a curmudgeon so she asked me if I could meet her and hold the dog for a day or so. I said sure and went and picked the dog up. What a sweetie. She had a tag from the local shelter. My friend had called them and told me they said that if they pick that dog up one more time, she will not be returned to the owner due to the numerous pick ups already. This dog was chasing cars on the busy road. Small border collie mix, about 25-30 pounds. She had mange around one eye. I thought her a pup but was told she is just over a year. Long story short, my friend wanted to keep her but felt we should call the shelter. I did that this morning. The shelter gave my number to the owner who promptly called me. I asked if her dog was in heat, (she acted like it) she said maybe. I said, why isn't she spayed? Is she a pup? No , we want to breed her to a purebred border collie. We have a list of 5 people that want her pups.



I am so frustrated. I talked to her, she came to my house, she said "well you have three border collies" in a snotty voice. I said they are all spayed and neutered. Please don't breed your dog. Told her a few reasons why. She promptly said thanks for getting my dog and left. My kids and I have been upset about this for part of today. I am venting here. Thank you for listening.

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