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I got a great email!

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I just wanted to share, I'm so excited. LOL Silly, I know. But yesterday I got an email from the people who adopted Zoe's sister! Both Zoe and her sister were in a pound, then taken in by a rescue together. So me and her sister's owner are trading photos and comparing behaviors and stuff. I'm just so giddy to learn all this stuff.


I don't want to post a photo without her permission, but Zoe's sister is mostly WHITE, with brown splotches on her body... but she has a brown head just like Zoe's. Face is remarkably similar, same speckled white around the nose, same black "eyeliner" around the eyes. But she has prick ears! She looks very fox-like, with Zoe's sharp pointy noise and then big triangular prick ears. She weighs right around 30lbs, just like Zoe, same build, same fluffy tail. If I get her permission I'll post some photos later. Oh - and she doesn't have the severe phobia issues like Zoe. I was told she can be slightly skittish around strangers, but in general she's very friendly and likes people and dogs. Which just reinforces my belief that they were not abused... Zoe's just hardwired this way.


Maybe it's just because she was a rescue, and we don't know much of what happened to her or even what breed she is... but just finding something about her family is really really cool to me. It helps me understand Zoe better.

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