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Quality Dog Food?

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I very recently moved near Louisville (I'm in a fairly rural area) and am having trouble finding good quality dog food (California Natural, Wellness, Solid Gold) that is not so expensive it's going to break the bank. I found Wellness at $50/30lb bag but that's just not practical with 3 Rottweilers who go through a 20lbs of kibble in a week (and that is just 1.5 cup per meal which isn't a lot for 120lb Colton). My Mom was feeding Canidae until I convinced her it wasn't that good of quality anymore I also pulled up the post on here. So, any ideas?

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Mail order?


Have you looked on the manufacterer's websites for some of the foods you like? They often will have a store locator.


Keep in mind that $50 isn't out of line for Wellness - I just paid $53 for the same size bag of Wellness last week at Petco. I usually get it for around $47 at a place 30 miles from here.

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Costco has Kirtland Premium for about $23 for a 40 lb sack. The ingredient list seems pretty good, and the boards here say it is made by Diamond. It is the first kibble my older dog will eat without toppings. Yesterday, my vet told me none of the store brand foods were any good, but she didn't know what the ingredients were, and I don't think her studies included the differences between the business models of Fry's and Costco. She also had already noted that both puppies were in "outstanding health"...in spite of eating adult store brand kibble.


I've also fed Purina - both their higher grade and basic dog chow. Dog Chow has a bad reputation, but I'm not sure it is justified. If your dog can handle corn, then basic Dog Chow with table scraps will probably do fine. Shoot, when I was a kid, we had a poodle that lived the last half of his life on Gainesburgers. He lived to 15, and those nasty things were 70% preservative and 29% food coloring!


Another option might be to supplement a lower grade kibble with uncooked bones, leftover table food, fish oil, etc. My experience has been with mongrels, a GSD & one previous Border Collie. If nothing else, try various brands with small bags of food, and see how your dogs respond. In the end, it is your dog's condition that counts. Unless they have allergies, none of the big brands should make your dogs sick.

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I've heard alot of peple recently talk about Diamand Naturals. Googled it. Seems pretty decent quality (not EOV, but not near Purina/Ol'Roy/Pedigree/Science Diet).


I'm thinking of switching my guys over to that. Because, like you, with 3 -well 4- big dogs it does get expensive fast. And I'm not happy with what they are on right now.


Cal. Nat. is expensive if you ask me. Maybe not for one -even 2- dogs but 4 that would go through a 30lb bag in a week? It's just not doable IME.

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