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For those not on Usher's blog. Here are a few pic's from today. His out run is increasing into a 2 acre field. I still look like a case from the "nut farm" with my warm clothes. I'm really fond of my new trainer. He trains all breeds. Has 2 BC's there. He absolutely loves Usher. I found out after all these years, I have been making mistakes myself. Go figure. I'm not perfect. LOL.

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you want to join Ushers blog- just e-mail me.





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Your pictures make me want to get out and work my dogs, then I realize it's only 6 degrees and we have more snow and ice in our pastures then in your shots. Nope, it's a do what you have too, to get the chores done day, no training today, I'm jealous.



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