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Pets and Domestic Violence.

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Cheri, I just read that article too and agree that it's about time. Just recently here a man threw his wife's chihuahua on the ground in a fit of rage, killing it. The judges in this county have an abominable record for doing anything more than a slap on the wrist for animal cruelty offences. I could go on, but I'll spare you the details.

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Originally posted by BustopherJones:

One can only hope that those who are cruel to animals in life will be called to account when they stand in judgment before their Maker. I believe that there is a special place in Hell for those people.

I agree with you 100%!
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Interesting and about time. It is a fact that many women don't leave abusive relationships because they are afraid of retribution, it's good it is being talked about. I know of a program that will take the dogs or cats, or what ever the animal ( small usually) and house them for three weeks or some times longer. Battered women's shelters don't take pets, so it is a factor when they actually leave. And for many abused individuals the pet is a life line to sanity. Statistically though less than 5% of the pets put in to the program actually get picked up. It is to hard to find housing with pets, and they don't have the money for pet deposits etc.

It's good something positive is coming out there, with the courts seeing it in a more criminal light. Protection orders should protect the animals, and the fact the familys emotional well being may be tied to them in a profound way.


Andrea D.

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In the Buddhist belief of the 10 courts of Hell, the 5th court of Hell is for those who have been cruel to animals and friends in life; the punishment is to have one's heart torn out with hooks, or to be thrown onto protruding swords.


In the 6th court of Hell, those who kill animals face a punishment of having their bodies cut in half.


Sounds good to me...

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