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2007 finals: dog sponsorships

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Hi Folks,

I'm writing to ask all you folks to help us out at the 2007 finals. We are selling dog/handler sponsorships and need your help. Sponsorships are $100.00 each and after it is decided who makes the finals, we will draw names to pair up with teams. Your name will be mentioned as sponsor every time your team runs, you will be named in the program as sponsor, you will recieve 2 gate passes for 2 days, a collectable program and a National finals hat.

If a few people buy sponsorships and team up, you can sponsor more than one dog. Say, 4 people each buy sponsorships, but want their names listed together, they would have four teams with their names on them.You can split one sponsorship between people but only ONE packet will be mailed per sponsorship (one program,one hat, 2 passes etc.) Go to www.sheepdogfinals2007.com to print a form to fill out and mail. You can contact me at GOOSEDOGS@aol.com for any questions you might have.Come on! be a part of our history!You don't want your friends or relatives going to the post with no sponsor,do you? Thank you all for your interest and support,support.

Joan McGrath

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The dog sponsorship form is a word processing document, and when I downloaded it and opened it, the formatting was goofed up. It ended up being a page and a half with weird line breaks. That happens with Word documents, since every computer's default fonts and margins are different, eh?


Would you like me to even it up, convert it to a PDF file so it will be unchanging, and email it back to you? It's a way I could help out from my quite remote location!



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Hi Jan, You would have to e-mail Barbara Levinson as she is the web site person. I cannot change anything on the web page.Her e-mail is on the site and I'm sure she would like to know if people are having a problem down loading or printing the forms. Thanks for your help, Joan.

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