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Do you BC's like snow?

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Zoe would love to know what the heck ya'll are talking about.


Sasha and Sassy agree that Snow is Fun! Because we can play Queen of the Mountain!! But you know, we haven't really had any of the white stuff since moving south. They bet Rue would LOVE it. Zoe, too. But alas, we live in the balmy south, and momma hopes it never snows here. Maybe a little when we visit "back home," but only to make it feel like Christmas.

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Had to add our picture of Kaycee... Considering we live in New Jersey and We usually get atleast some snow.... We haven't seen ANY AT ALL except for today which was literally just a dusting. But I can already tell she is going to LOVE the snow - when and if we ever get anything signifigant....


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Cressa and Troy LOVE the snow. I love it too the deeper the snow the more energy they have to burn off to go thru it!


Troy playing in the snow






Troy and Cressa playing "herding" games




Troy and Conner playing in the snow




Cressa and Alsan "playing" in the snow





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My two love the snow. Blue, the Black and White girl, is no longer with us (we lost her in November after 15 years) but Tia is still chasing snowballs and digging tunnels .


Here is a video that came to mind when I saw this thread. I think the question is answered nicely by this dog!



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