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Fergie is about to turn 13. And she wishes like mad that we lived further north.


She loves what little snow we get down here in North Carolina. Heck, she becomes a puppy whenever it gets cold!


If there is any snow - even heavy frost - she romps across it biting at the white bits.


The colder it gets - especially if there is no low pressure but stuff falling - the younger my dog gets!

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This was Usher and Bailey last year in the snow- tug-of war is more difficult in the snow.



Didn't seem to slow Bailey down. What a cute head tilt



Usher, of course, was herding the frisbee. Tennis balls get lost in the snow



And BTW- there is nothing greater than trying to catch a snowball- LOL.

ETA- When I watched Ouzo's tape, Usher was in here with me and you said the "S" word .........LOL squirrel. He went crazy. LMAO.

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Meg is feeling very deprived!! No snow here or likely to be, I can't recall when we last had a snowfall in this part of the world. We have had some very heavy frosts and Meg loves the cold crispy ground. Being very keen on sniffing and scenting it seems even more fun in the cold. Love the pictures.

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OMG, for a second, as I was scrolling down really fast, I thought that's a picture of Ouzo with his red Jolly Ball :rolleyes:


Well, I think we now need to see a picture of Ouzo with his red Jolly Ball so we can figure out if there is any resemblence! :D

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Yup mine LOVE the snow! These were taken when PA got hit with about 20in of snow. LOL


This is Cressa to give a comparison Cressa is a little under 18in:




This is Troy he is 21.5in:





And some fun pixs of the gang:





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Sophia loves the snow!!! She runs like crazy, uses her nose as a snow shovel, and chases snowballs. But her absolute favorite is to roll in the stuff. She's found that if she gets on an incline, she can do the twisty-butt roll and toboggan down the hillside on her back. She'll do it over and over. The only time she's not really into snow is when the temperature is right around freezing. Then the iceballs form on her feet and her legs and she's very unhappy about that.

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Hey! I'm in Denver too and my 2 LOVE the snow! :rolleyes: Here are a few pics I took last weekend. Where do you go to take Brody for some fun? We like Chatfield and Cherry Creek State parks.



More like...where do we not take him. ha ha ha He gets to go all over with us. He loves going to the barn with me because he gets to play with his friend Jack, a big fluffy husky. Haven't taken him to Chatfield or Cherry creek as he can get quite irritated with other dogs in his face.


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