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can I brag?

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We've had Jacko just over 4 months. We are his 3rd family in a year - we don't know his history before that, he was found almost exactly 1 year ago, at about 4 months old.


I'm just so proud of how far he has come. We still have a long way to go, but he has learned a lot - commands like

get your: bone, rope, ball, yellow ball, blue ball.

Want a treat?

Want to go for a bike ride?

What do you need for a bike ride?

When on bike rides he knows left, right, slow, this way, let's go home.

He knows sit, (lay) down, stay, shake, watch, leave it, we're working on a consistent drop it, that's enough, off, on your rug, go eat, go outside, kennel up, go potty and do your business.


He is so freaking smart. Just today I started teaching him "get your dish" - he already knows the dish part, he just hasn't quite figured out how to bring it to me.


We use time outs to correct his behavior and he knows what "do you want a time out?" means. you can also give him options - "lay down, or time out" and he knows if he doesn't do it that he gets timeout.


He also knows what "lose it" means - if he plays with toys in the wrong room (the living room, where he can break things) he is told that if he plays with it he loses it, and he understands that.


I am amazed at how much he understands in such a short time.

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HA....I have grown to hate the command Where's your bowl?

My senior girl is alwasys bringing me her bowl. If you don't pay attention to her she will toss it at you!

She is also famous for bringing her bowl to anyone (visitors, family members just coming home) and telling them that I have not fed her and PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE can you feed me?


Her favorite words??? Do you want ice-cream? or Do you want milk? She runs quickly and grabs anything that can hold either of these things and brings it to you wagging the whole way!


Be careful what you teach them, it may come back to haunt you! :rolleyes:


I do enjoy teaching them other family members names so that I can have them run in and toss a bowl or swipe a big wet kiss on them if they are slow about getting up for school/work!


Once we told her on a camping trip to find Kate and she went over and knocked the tent down that my daughter was sleeping in just to give her the bowl! We laughed the rest of the trip!


Denise....I don't think kids are near as trainable as the dogs! At least for me it wasn't near as fun or easy!



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Kristen, that's so funny! I know I read on here about someone teaching their BC to open the fridge and bring them a beer - but then came home one day to EVERYTHING from the fridge being out around the house. The BC got bored!


I tried to teach Where's your bowl, but bowl was too close to bone and he got totally confused and mad at me - he kept bringing his bone and I'd say no, and he couldn't understand what he was doing wrong, so we switched to dish. I am so glad he's starting to learn this command because there are times when he eats outside, and when he does he *always* ends up playing with his dish afterward. Then it's halfway across the yard the next time he needs to eat, and I don't have shoes on...you get the picture!

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I'm sure if we taught Jazz to open the fridge she'd be happy to feed herself till the fridge was empty! :rolleyes: Wonder if she'd like beer?


Yes the get your bowl command does come in handy when the bowls are spread out in the yard. She even takes directions as to where the bowl is.


The bowl request was an accident, she figured out that's where the food is put, the rest is history.

The other dogs line up in their feeding spots while she runs around and retrives all the empty bowls.

Now you just have to teach Jacko to get your shoes!


They are wonderful aren't they???

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The really wonderful thing here is not that Jacko picked up all these commands and such. Its that he finally found an owner/friend willing to take the time and work with him. I've seen it in the two rescue BC's I've had. Give 'em love and exercise and make sure they're not board and they just thrive.


I have no doubt that Jacko will reward you many times over for the time you spend caring about him. You two have a great time!


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I'm still on the fence about whether I'm unhappy that I taught Ben to bring me his bowl. On the one hand, he does it incessantly unless he's absolutely exhausted. On the other hand, it's useful because eventually he will have brought me everyone's bowls from throughout the house and I can wash them and put them up without having to go collect them. He's not very happy when I usually wash the bowl I take from him and put it up . . .if looks could kill . . .

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Ahhh...I am guilty of teaching Rob to open the fridge and get a bottle of water. We no longer leave a dish towel hanging from the handle. He had the kitchen covered with "leftovers" the day I forgot to take the towel off. It was not CUTE anymore!!!


We moved on to more constructive things like carrying in lighter grocery bags or the newspaper, putting the toys away in the toy box. Finding and putting his cat away (he makes sure she is back in the bedroom before going for a walk).


Kristen I agree that teaching them family members was the greatest. Rob and Briar will go get anyone in the family and "bring" them to me. Or go bug them to play.

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Originally posted by Cheri McDonald:

Kristen I agree that teaching them family members was the greatest. Rob and Briar will go get anyone in the family and "bring" them to me. Or go bug them to play.

The bugging part is what we do everynight, when Ouzo gets into his mental play zone and it's impossible to get him out of it. When he comes to bug me, I send him to Chris: "Where's Chris, go play with him!". 15 seconds later, I hear "Where's Anda, go play with her and leave me alone!" And it goes on, and on, until one of us gives up and tosses him something to chase :rolleyes:
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