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Attention California Dog Owners

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Source: www.dogfoodproject.com, 11/21/08



Important News for California Pet Owners!


You already know about our state's budget woes and how politicians are looking into all kinds of possibilities to find more ways to fund their frivolous, uncontrolled spending. In the latest proposal, the Governor has recommended broadening the Sales and Use Tax in California to include certain "luxury" services:


1. Appliance and furniture repair

2. Automobile repair

3. Golf

4. Veterinarian services!


Yep, that's right: your pets needs for medical care, mandatory spay & neuter (in some areas), emergency care, and so on, are about to be considered a "luxury" - and taxed.


Note: No other health related services in California are taxed.


Link to the full proposal (see "Broadening the Sales and Use Tax to Include Certain Services"):



CVMA Action Alert:



Fact Sheet:



In your own interest, and that of pet owners in all of California, please write to the Governor and to the legislative leaders below, and ask them to "remove the proposed sales tax on veterinary services in the 2008-09 Special Session proposal".


The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor of California

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.558.3160 Fax


The Honorable Karen Bass, Speaker of the Assembly

State Capitol, Room 319

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.319.2147 Fax


The Honorable Don Perata, Senate President pro Tempore

State Capitol, Room 205

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.327.1997 Fax


The Honorable Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tempore

State Capitol, Room 4035

Sacramento, CA 95815

916.323.2263 Fax


The Honorable Mike Villines, Assembly Republican Leader

State Capitol, Room 3104

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.319.2129 Fax


The Honorable Dave Cogdill, Senate Republican Leader

State Capitol, Room 3048

Sacramento, CA 95814

916.327.3523 Fax

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Why I live in Arizona.


Tehachapi is a beautiful place, as is most of California, but the values pushed by 2 counties in California over the objection of all the rest made staying there too expensive. The only solution to a budget crisis is raising taxes, and dogs & cats are a sign of living in luxury. It says a lot about what California has become if owning a dog means you are wealthy!


It reminds me of a rancher friend of mine. He was told he was one of the richest (top 500) sheepfarmers in America. He said he looked around his farm, thought about the times he drove truck to make ends meet, his typical $10-12,000 annual profit...and decided it was time to move into cattle! :rolleyes:


Good luck in the fight. If I thought an out-of-state letter would help, I'd get it in the mail today.

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Insane. Hello - since when, by the way, is auto repair a luxury also?


Both will hit farmers hard - auto repair and veterinary services both taxed. Horses, a necessity on many working ranches, run up amazing vet bills just to stay in working order. Not to mention the working dogs and the livestock themselves.


And who will increased cost of repairing the fridge or stove hit hardest? Only someone who is out of touch would consider appliances to be a "luxury." Yeah, meals appear like magic, borne in by servants, in all of our households.


I'm glad my family doesn't live there any more.

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Wow, makes even NY look good............... :rolleyes:

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