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Archer fetches!

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So I guess all my indoor fetch games are working! If I'm laying on the couch reading I will toss toys for Archer, over the landing to the first floor. He runs and gets it and brings it back but I won't throw it until he plops it on me....I am READING afterall! :rolleyes:


Well that seems to have translated very well to the tennis ball!! Now when we take him and use the chuckit, he's returnning it right to us!! I'm so proud of him!

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Good for you! When we play Frisbee, Scooter brings it back and sometimes drops it in front of me. I say, "You get it," and he picks it up and gives it to me! Saves the back! LOL! Now we're working on him putting his toys in the basket. He put one in yesterday but we couldn't tell if it was by accident or not. :rolleyes:

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