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If i had one it would be rockin at a 100 mph! I have electric!! YAY *bouncing off the walls!*


I will get on posting pics of my lil experience after i finish showering, getting cozy, etc. Plus to stay on topic i'll post an update on Hope, Sydney, & Zag-zilla!


I missed out on alot of topics, but let me just say from now on i'll be posting more then i have in the past few months! You don't realize what you have until it is gone right!? Yesss sheeeeze your gonna make me say it!? I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! :rolleyes:


I am so happy to be back, and i have a new found love for electricity!! (warm showers, hot food, & my pooperz sleeping in my bed!)be back with pics shortly... yay electricity!

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*edit* My poor lil Jeep! This makes 2 trees to fall on her! Although she didn't suffer any direct hits this time, i am wondering if she is cursed? The guy i bought her from had her drive away and come to a rest upon a tree in his pasture! Jeeperz my Jeep has a tree fetish!




More pics here ----> http://www.bordercollie.org/cgi-bin/ultima...c;f=14;t=002975


Well I am going to cozy myself with 3 bratty dogs and relax in front of the tube. :rolleyes:

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Glad to hear that you are back to the modern world of electricity. Wow that is an impressive big ice storm. No wonder so many people lost power in your area. I guess the good news is that the true branches didn't clobber your Jeep.

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