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My poor girl :rolleyes: Today Gypsy was playing with her rope toy, and all of a sudden she stopped and started sniffing something on the ground. I took a closer look and there was a white shard of tooth on the carpet. I opened up her mouth and it was literally dripping with blood. So I stuck her in the car and drove to the vet clinic where my sister works, which took 40 minutes instead of 15 like usual since last night we had the first big snow of the year and traffic was crawling.


The vet looked at her and said it would have to come out, so she's having surgery today :D It was so unexpected and I'm glad I saved up a bit of extra money for emergencies just like this...


Here's the tooth shard beside a dime. Almost half its length is from the root, and the other half (bottom right) was the exposed tooth. The vet thinks she cracked it on a nylabone a little while ago and the rope just caught it and pulled it out today.



And apparently after I left her in the kennel, she started baring her teeth whenever anyone walked past her other than my sister. WTF? My dog??? I guess she's in a lot of pain and really scared :D She was given something for pain and to sedate her a bit until they can operate, which should be any minute now. At least I'll be able to pick her up tonight.


*sigh* if you wouldn't mind sending a bit of board mojo we'd both appreciate it.

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What tooth did she break? Maggie sheared off a part of her carnassial molar and the vet thought the same thing had happened: broken on a nylabone or similar hard chewie. You've got our healthy teeth vibes. :rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone.


It was her carnassial molar. Apparently it had been cracked for a long time since the vet said it was infected and oozing pus, but on the plus side the infection helped it come out really easy and she was only under the anasthetic for 1/2 an hour. She came home yesterday and was super tired and almost stoned from being under, but didn't seem to be in any real pain and managed to scarf down her dinner (one kibble at a time as per the vet's directions :D ). She's on pain meds and antibiotics for the infection, but doesn't seem any worse for the wear... I think my wallet took a bigger beating than she did - it's now $384 lighter than it was :rolleyes:


But she's happy and healthy, and you certainly can't put a price tag on that! I love my little dog :D



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