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Recon isn't settling well...

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So we finally officially moved into the apartment on Saturday.


We took Recon outside to potty right before we got into the car to drive up. It's an hour drive. When we got to the apartment, I took her for a walk, played with her a bit, let her roam...she wouldn't potty. Fine, i thought, i'll take her upstairs, let her settle down, try later.


I took her out once an hour for the rest of the night. She didn't go till around midnight (approximately 12 hours after we got in the car to drive up). She only piddled, no bowel movement.


The next morning she did both, thankfully. Since then, she's piddled when I take her out with no problem but she's barely eating anything and I guess because of that, no bowel movements...


i've been putting her food (chicken soup) down for 20 minutes, then taking it up till next feeding time. Finally tonight I only gave her half a feeding (half a cup) - poured a little fish oil over it and put a few chunks of chicken on top. She ate it all and then about 1/8 of another cup of plain.


I guess that's a start, right? She still wouldn't 'go' when I took her outside, but hopefully by morning she'll need to. I'm trying to get her on a schedule so that when classes start it's not so much of a fight, but...am I doing the right thing?


I'm concerned. I don't know if she's hating it here and is just not settling in well or if it's just that things are so new that she's having trouble dealing with the excitement.

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It's only been two days. Give her time.


When I got Fly she refused to pee outside for over three days. Fly was a country girl, and I'd moved her to the middle of the big city. Everything was weird to her and nowhere seemed right to pee. She did pee over those three days, but only in her crate, after she couldn't hold it anymore. I remember taking her out over and over again muttering, "Please pee. Please pee."


She found a couple of places she thought it was OK to pee and then expanded from there and now she is less picky about her potty spots than Solo is. She's also the happiest, bubbliest, least upset by anything dog who ever lived.


Just keep taking her out, don't pressure her, clean up after her if you have to and give her time. She'll be OK. Don't worry.

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Kyla was the same at first. She would only pee/poop on the carpet, or on a sawdust spot that's a five-minute walk down the road.

Taking her on long walks helped, because she would HAVE to pee at some point, where there was no carpet available for miles and miles. She found out pretty soon that peeing (or more) on the grass doesn't kill you. She hasn't gone in the house for a long time now. Good luck!

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Thanks, you two. I feel better already. I guess sometimes I just get stressy and start overthinking.


She's probably picking up on that, too. I'll just chill out and let her have all the time she needs. I guess I should just feel lucky that she hasn't gone in the house yet.

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I agree with everything said. Just remember that she can feel your tension. Maybe even knowing that its because of her. I know when we moved for the first time with Riven I had to play and romp around with her to get her to FINALLY go. Maybe that would help? Its like she had to work it out lol.


Good luck

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Just be glad you got her, give her a big hug and figure out how to enjoy your new life! A whole new ride for both of you. She'll fit in just fine, probablly quicker than you!~

Good luck Aerie, you're on your way now!


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or if it's just that things are so new that she's having trouble dealing with the excitement.
I'd say you've put your finger on it there, Aerie. And I'd think if she's started eating now (even if it's a 'special' meal) and started peeing, then she'll be fine in a few more days.


All the best to you.

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