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Thin dog

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Have you seen the thread in the Gallery? "What a healthy BC..."? That should help, and then there is this site that I like:




That should help a bit.

I know that DAZZLE doesn't think she gets enough, but, she does. So she will just have to keep on begging. :rolleyes:

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That means that popcorn is perfect but I still worry about him all the time.


Kat- I've been meaning to tell you too, that I just love your av! So colourful! :rolleyes:

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Just weighed my 2 yesterday after their 4 weeks holiday on the mainland. Kirra - 490mm (19.25 inches) is 31lbs. Fergus - 510mm (20 inches) is 39lbs. They do vary a bit - put on a little weight when we were training for the Endurance Test (20km run in 2 hours - dogs - not me). Kirra is another one of those dogs who'll always try to get food - but she's not starving, in spite of what she'll tell you.

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