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Pedi Paws, Blonde BCS, and Alex

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Recently purchased Pedi Paws. Not bad. Only problem is Alex doesn't like having her feet touched, but this can't hurt her like pulling her toe out of clippers. Our one Lab is terrified of it and the other one fine.


I saw something I have never seen before; a Blonde BC. I'm talking a very light Blonde and white. Beautiful.


Alex has learned some new things on her own. 1.) When we call the dogs to come in she will go into the slink pose and eye the Labs. If they do not come right in she starts her outrun and herds them in. 2.) When we are outside with the dogs if we can't see one of the Labs we will call them. (We have woods and fields all around.) She will stop what she is doing and lay or crouch with her nose pointing at whichever one is exploring.

She amazes me every day.



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We bought a pedi paws not longer ago, I think I like it. :rolleyes: Seems to take a long time, but that is probably because I'm paranoid about hurting them (I do the same thing with clippers). Even the foster kitten is getting her claws dulled a touch by it now, but only a paw at a time because she doesn't like to sit still.

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How light blonde do you mean? Lighter than ginger colour? I have a friend with a ginger & white BC, named "Ginger" :rolleyes:


Here are a few links to pics of her that I dug up







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