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I just wanted to say - Zoe took a treat from the trainer's hand today!! I'm so thrilled. This was our 6th class, and she's been making progress little steps at a time. She is still very reactive and nervous, but while the instructor is talking and we're all sitting in our chairs she's laying relaxed beside me (instead of quivering under my chair like the first week!). She will walk around with me, even around the other people and their dogs. She'll greet the other dogs in those rare occasion that one approaches (they're very well controlled in this class) - well, she submits to being sniffed, but she does not freak out about it at all. Everyone's been commenting on how improved she is. And then today during an exercise (holding the dog like you would for a vet exam) the instructors came around with treats and Zoe looked over and took it right out of her hand. First time!


I know a lot of people would look at her and say she's a nervous wreck. Which she can be. But she's making progress!!

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Doing a happy dance for Zoe, happy dance, happy dance. Yay!!!


Meg graduated from puppy obedience tonight. Yay! She's not as fearful as Zoe, gregarious really to humans and dogs but in a submissive way. She's pretty darn cautious and afraid of noises.


How we do love our little lassies.

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We're putting Meg through three weeks of training day camp. I wish I could switch places with you for three weeks and it was Zoe going. I'm absolutely confident that the program at our training facility would do wonders for Zoe.


Good luck with hubby....remind him how much more of your time he'll have if she's well trained

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