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Yep, clicker/target with a down nose touch having been shaped beforehand: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HIjKgJkqyPI


Use that 4-off position for the dogwalk and A-frame, a 4-on for the seesaw.


How do you get her not to default down in competition?

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How do you get her not to default down in competition?


I do get her to down sometimes, but most of the time these days I just let her run them. In training she does a mixture as well. She doesn't miss many contacts - since she started competing in January 2006 the total missed is still in single figures. Here's a recent film which includes a decent if somewhat leisurely dogwalk contact, a chaotic A-frame contact resulting from me turning her late, and a missed seesaw :D ... one of that total mentioned above, I blame the handler (me) who was panicking a little. :rolleyes:




Don't laugh too much! :D

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