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Mosstheboss - How's Skip?

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Hey Kris,

Well he just got back from 10 days of cottaging and a agility trial in muskoka! He had a BLAST!

Can't keep the little bugger out of the water

He is a swimming fool and is also growing like a weed.

He is SO outgoing and fearless... I LOVE this pup!!! His deformity does not slow him down, he loves to run and play with the other dogs and toys. Already brings the toys right back to your hand for a game of tug.

Yes we had the splint made and it is amazing! Really makes a huge difference getting it on and off ect... and being consistent.

We also raised LOTS of money at the muskoka trial for him Everyone fell madly in love

But nobody took him home :rolleyes: thanks for asking!



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That's great news! Well....maybe no one took him home because it's so obvious how much you love him Post some pics if you can!

Glad to hear that there is $$ to help out. I'll send more if you need it! And remember...when I win the lottery, he's mine :rolleyes:

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Okay Foo...the race is on..which one of us will win the Lotto first?? :rolleyes: Skip really is a cutie, isn't he? Too bad Jo has her hands full with a blind dog & a deaf dog...I think Skip would fit right in don't you???

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Oh, yes...ticket is bought...and all manner of 'witchcraft' is being applied to said ticket...like Skip is mine...Skip is mine :rolleyes: I'll let you know where I'll pick him up :D

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Ya, but I DID win another ticket....and now it's 42 million Oh..and thats TAX FREE :rolleyes: **Skip is mine...all mine** :D

However, good luck Foo...even though I'm going to win...you could get 2nd prize :D

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