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One of my 8 week old Terrier puppies was sick. I could see that he was in abdominal distress. Someone had vomitted a small amt. I fugured it must have been him. Yesterday I gave them edible puppy bones and they disappeared quickly so I thought it was the culprit.


I thought what have I learned from here.


I made him eat pumpkin and some whole wheat bred in milk and gave him some goats milk with honey so he'd feel more energetic and tonight he passed a thumb size poly filled cloth piece. Probably stolen off a toy from the kids.


I was so distressed over him being sick that I needed to cancel 4 hours of work.


So cudo's to everyone who shares info here.

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Last week Jill vomited up her breakfast at my office, and then for the past 2 1/2 days she's had very watery diarrhea. She's been acting normal and drinking well. So I've been giving her canned pumpkin since Tues evening. This morning I decided it was time to make a vet appt. I thought she might have picked up giardia. As I went out the back gate on my way to the corral, I watched as she had a perfectly normal b.m. Yeah!!

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