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9-11 Emotional Rollercoaster OT

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All the talk about 9-11 sets my heart and emotions on a virtual rollercoaster. I found myself crying and feeling sooo sad remembering that awful day. Where I was, what I was doing, wondering if anyone I personally knew and/or cared about was in the Pentagon Building, about 1 hr from where I live, & where my Dad used to work!, if any of his friends were in there??

On the other hand, the UP, part of the rollercoaster ride... the Birthday of 2 precious Border Collie's, my boy, Phoenix and my Grand-dog, Amica (on 9-11-04 and my BD on 9-10 ). I would be watching the memorials and crying with Phoenix lying at my feet, and everytime I looked at him he would raise his sweet little black and white head and I would look into those beautiful innocent, trusting, loving eyes and somehow know without a doubt... that there is always hope, love and peace to strive for and to live for, and he would help me smile. I thank God and feel so very grateful that I, my family and friends were blessed on that day to remain safe. My best friend (of 40 yrs.) from high school and her fiancee were in a plane late the night of the 10th flying home from Hawaii and my heart sinks everytime I think of that. She said they had gotten on an earlier flight due to some change in the flight schedule, which got them in on the 10th instead of the 11th!!! I get chills everytime I think about it.


My baby boy Phoenix is now 2 years old!! and I love every minute we share our lives together and he always knows how to make Mommy smile! :rolleyes:

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