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How Do They Do That?

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We went to the USBCHA Sheepdog Trial in Olivet, MI on Sunday. Of course, I was greatly impressed by the herding, but I was also amazed at how well behaved all the BCs were, even the puppies. None of the dogs were crated, they were either off-leash near their owners, on leash near their owners or tied to campers and trucks in the parking lot. I never even saw a crate or a crated dog. This is totally different from the behavior we see at other dog events. How is it trained?

Barb S

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... Well I would think that working in a close relationship with the dog in an off-leash situation (ie, herding) would really contribute to such well-mannered behavior. Can't comment on the pups though. :rolleyes: Maybe it's just a case of you get what you expect... events like that have been going on for ages, dogs offleash, and no one thinks much of it... maybe it's not a case that events like agility *need* everyone in crates, just that everyone expects it, and everyone does it because everyone else does.... or because the rules state it.


Random thoughts from my head.

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superglue? :rolleyes:

it always amazes me at the little trials over here too, i spend half my time looking around at the dogs who are loose thinking 'there's going to be one **** of a fight in a minute' and not once ever have i seen any trouble!

even molly, mrs unpredictable would just lie down and watch the herding! must be catching, i cant wait to get brighid there!

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