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prettiest sound you'll ever go back to sleep too


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They are harvesting the hills above us, which has disturbed all the wildlife and set our Maremmas (Mac and Lily) teeth on edge. Lily has the north pasture that borders the cropland with the ewe lambs and was the most upset. Several nights this week I've checked to see if she needs help (she doesn't) and have been most impressed with her methods. She puts the lambs in the corner of the hay field to bed with the fence to their back, and then patrols back and forth. Periodically she checks the fenceline. The sheep dose in unconcern to all this.


Saturday night I fell asleep to steady booming barking, and woke up (I mean WOKE UP) to the ear splitting ki-yi-yi-yi-yi of a single coyote that sounded much closer to the house than Lily did. In fact the darn thing sounded like he was right outside the house inthe west side Lily's pasture, and Lily's voice sounded like she was on the other end by the woods.


Well appreantly he was, and she corrected both their errors, because the distant bass barking and closer ki-yi-yi became just one solid YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII as somebody got escorted out of the pasture in front of the teeth of one mad dog. Then there was silence, then the return of the bass barking of a satisified guardian.


You got him Lil. G'Night.


Lil was quite proud of herself Sunday morning. She rarely wants to be petted but she came to see me and got a full body scritch, then did several victory laps around the lambs. :rolleyes:

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I can understand where the sound of a good guardian on duty would be music to your ears. What a nice story and a happy ending (for all but the coyote who, hopefully, will chose wild game for a midnight meal next time).


Who says dogs don't know a good job when they have done one?

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