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Nothing to really discuss here. I just wanted to share my excitement about Dottie this morning. I was working with a couple of students, and had my 3 "school sheep" in the arena--a 125' X 225' enclosed area, which I keep in grass. Anyway, Dottie was on a long line (3 haystrings tied together), but I had untied it so she could run around with the other dogs for a bit, so she was just dragging it around. She found an opening small enough for her to get in, and all of a sudden, there she was, in the arena with us and the sheep! I tied her up for a minute while I finished working with the student and his dog, then figured, "she's in here--why not?" So I untied her to see what she would do, and she circled right around them, changed directions when I stepped the other way (several times), and kept them balanced to me! Woohoo!!! To me, there's nothing finer in life than to see a young dog just jump right in and do what her DNA tells her to do! :rolleyes:



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Anna, I understand your exceitment over seeing this, as I had the pleasure of seeing the exact same thing in a pup I had bred not to long ago. I was so happy with what I had seen I was practically doing the happy dance and wanting to run around and hug everyone that had been standing around seeing the same thing. It was like the coolest thing to witness a 10 week old puppy getting right down to it and doing as you say, what their DNA tells them to do. Alas, I lost her too soon to parvo, and will never get to see the wonderful stockdog she was meant to be. She was then and now still is a shining star.

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