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Ben: Feb 2, 1996 - Oct 3, 2008

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Oh, I am so sorry. It is always difficult to say good bye to them. Ben will be waiting for you with a halo and flying sheep. Hang in there and focus on the many good times you two had together.


Mel, Amber, and the Baxter.

Bonnie playing in the tunnels at Rainbow Bridge.

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I don't log on often, but when I logged in today and saw this, the tears welled up as if I knew you personally...your stories and comments about Ben are always so nice to read.


I'm so sorry Becca - Ben was a lucky boy to have you, and it was very unselfish of you to let him run free again.



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I'm very sorry to hear of your sad news and had to quickly shut the "internet window down" to stop the tears from puddling upon the keyboard as I read your last goodbye for Ben. I absolutely love his photo with the lambs. What a gentle brave spirit! and again so sorry for your irreplaceable loss.


Good night sweet Ben with sheep. Now, may you fly swiftly many a hill and dale over sunlit skies and rainbows in your owner's memories. Know that memories are countless, treasured ever! Come by; near is always in your family's hearts; dazzle-shine onward in your resting fields of peace!

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