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I just wanted to share that Ben's gone.


I had to take him to the vet a couple days ago and today the vet found a hemangiosarcoma (spleen tumor) that had metastasized to his liver. We said goodbye Ben on this morning with all the family (including his oldest dog sibling Maggie) around.


Ben hasn't been himself for several months. So there's joy through the tears that "my old Ben" awoke in Tomorrow with all the energy a Border Collie should have (and probably went wandering through the sheep looking for someone to greet).


Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I'll post more later but it's a bit hard right now.



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Oh, Becca! I'm so sorry! Although I've never met you in person, I feel I know you and Ben after having read so much about him over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you,



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I'm so sorry, Becca. That is what our Mac had, a very large one, that was sapping his energy and will. He let us know when it was time, as I'm sure Ben did for you.


Maybe the two of them are now comparing notes up there!

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