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Other peoples out of control dogs

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Hi there - newbie alert - so sorry if all this has been said before


All my life I have wanted a border collie but was never alowed pets. So as a trial run now I am living alone I am helping my friends out walking their dog while they are out at work


He is a lovely 9 month old bought from a shepard in the bordars of scotland. at the momant really good temprement


Last week I was taking him for a really long walk (over 3 hours - got lost he was really tyred)


I kept him on the lead the whole time as it was the 1st walk with me and I didnt wanna loose him (took him out today off lead and pretty well behaived)


Out of nowhere a retrever comes. Teesh onto belly bum wagging well friendly and they say hello

Have a wee play (me nearly getting pulled off my feet)

another retrever arives with owner in tow

All saying hello nicely she tells me they are just young too


Then another one appears - much older dog and bowls teesh over snarling and snapping

Teesh on back trying to be as nice to dog as can but terrified

4th dog on scene, all 4 (including the pups who were playing nice) all snarling at teesh now

Lady gets the pups, I get one dog but the old one is still ontop of Teesh and Teesh is yelping and really scared


I still have him on lead but I cant get close and he cant get away from dog


Finaly the man turns up and takes his dog off

They didnt even seem that surprised that he had attacked - just told me to check he was OK


No marks (whew didnt wanna have to do a vet run with my friends dog!) just scared and wanting a hug.


Still angry that people take out so many dogs if they dont have control over them!!


My question is what should I do when I am in that situation again?


Should I have let him off the lead so he could have got out of the way (hoping that he would come back to me when the danger has gone)

Would it have been OK for me to try and take the dog off him (no idea if he would bite me or not)

Is it just a dominence thing and I should have left them to get on with it (although Teesh is v submissive so wasnt fighting back)

Or would carrying something like a water pistol diffuse the situation long enough for the owner to get hold of the dog??


Sorry for such a long 1st post but I really want to make sure Teesh has good walks - and that he can trust me to look after him when bad things happen




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I would let go of the leash immediatly, and let them sort it by themselves. Often times an off leash dog will feel superior to a leashed dog and atack him. And it would give Teesh the option to run for cover if things escalate too much.


And get the other owner to peel his dog off of yours..

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I wouldn't leave them to sort it out, 1 dog being picked on by 3 or maybe 4 others. Dogs will 'pack up' on another dog, and it can get ugly really fast. You've got no idea of the temperment of the other dog(s), and a 9 month old pup being attacked by 1st an older dog then a group is pretty darn scary for the pup.


I'd have yelled at the other dogs, using my leash or whatever I could find to get them to back off. You can bet I'd have been yelling my head off, then ask the owner of the attacking dog for his telephone number, in case my dog had been injured, and I'd get my dog to a vet for a thorough exam.


A loud whistle is a good idea, or an air horn. And move along when the 2nd dog came into view. Until you're sure of other dogs' temperments and your own dog's, 1 new friend at a time is best.


I hope this really unpleasant experience doesn't stop you from enjoying your 'rent-a-dog.' It sounds like a good plan for you, your friends and their dog!

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Wow!This ties into what I was venting about on the dog park thread...goofy retrievers. I can say that I work one (my narc dog)...

One of the things that can be done if the situation is right is u-turn and LEAVE...

No answer will be the right answer,it depends on the situation,location,dogs,what you are willing to do,what other 'handlers' are willing to do.

If you think that loose dogs are liable to be in that location,I'd start scouting for another place to walk.


First and foremost is one's obligation to protect one's dog.

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Welcome to the boards. Have fun here.


Every dog owner is responsible that his dog(s) is/are under his/her control. All other dog owners should have a good feeling, that all dogs are save outside. If any dog owner cannot control his pet, I would speak with him in a friendly way.


Pam I send greetings to Glasgow. I had fantastic holidays twice in that wonderful city and the area around.

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Carrying an airhorn is a great idea. But honestly I would carry mace from now on.

Lots of us here do, and you just never know when you will need it.


Worth preventing a major vet bill...

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thanks for replys guys

what a friendly board


deff will pack noisy toys n stuff. should have yelled at the dog - just shocked cos it all happened so fast

and I guess my inexperience showing


will keep away from that area for a while


glad to say he had a great run today, off lead and even came to me when I called when he was playing with a new friend - so no way the other day put me off


again thankyou all

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