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changing a dogs registered name?

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I'm curious I let my mom talk me out of changing Dal's name even though it's still not my favorite but, I get the quesiton alot in rescue. I tell people most of those dogs are greatful you called them so go ahead.


Then it made me wonder can you change a rescued dogs registered name if you dont like it? How badly does that mess with their already produced offsprings papers?

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On the pedigrees I've seen where the dog's name has been changed, the new name appears first and the old name appears in parentheses afterward. I don't see why you couldn't change a dog's name after it's produced offspring--the dog will still have the same unique registration number. For example, my Twist's sire appears on her pedigree as Bud (Apache) followed by the ABCA registration number. You see it occasionally on pedigrees.


In other cases (i.e., nonbreeding rescues) it wouldn't matter at all. I have another dog whose name I changed, though I didn't bother to change it with the registering organization as the dog is neutered anyway.



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It seems odd our boys usually have good solid names but, the girls have cutsie or odd to the point that you cant figure why. It's what made me ask. Esp with an overly cutsie name if you wanted to do herding or something it might be strange.


Cute girly names I have seen in herding dogs (and good ones at that): Peach, Beauty, Dixie, Daisy, and I'm sure there are others out there.


Speaking of "cutsie or odd" girly names, don't forget (assuming you're old enough to remember) Q.T.Py, a well-known open trial dog from TN in the late 80s and early 90s. Q.T.Py's owner took a lot of ribbing about the name, but since his own name was Peter Piper that was probably no novelty for him.


Julie's right about how name change is handled on the papers.

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