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OK- this is a little spendy- but well worth it. I DO NOT have a P/N dog, by ANY means, nor would I want to waste anyone's time by entering my dog that wasn't capable of a cross-drive. If you have trained with any of the trainers, you should be ok. I didn't see any auditing on this. Darn. If there is anyone that needs an extra room, I'd love to meet you and have one extra bedroom about 30-45 minutes away. Also a dog room and a park 2 doors down for excersizing. My home is always open to border collies and BC friends and I'd love to meet anyone on the boards!! Free room and board and dog food!! I'll pick you up at the airport! Sleeping bags are OK. Dog hair is everywhere. It's a border collie free zone. Just PM me or e-mail me @ chatatme@hotmail.com.






Sheep Camp

Featuring Don Helsley and Patrick Shanahan

November 6-9, 2008


Event coordinator: Dianne Deal

Cost: $500 for 4 days

Event will be held at the Helsley Ranch and Red Top Farm. Camp is limited to 20 individuals. Each day, 10 students will be paired with an instructor. Students will have 2 days with Don Helsley and 2 days with Patrick Shannahan. Be sure to bring appropriate clothes, notepads and a chair. Lunch will be provided. Call for a list of area motels.


Seminar will focus on training sheep dogs. . All levels of trainers are welcome. Dogs should be able to do Pro-Novice work. Spaces are limited so get entries in early. A deposit of $250 will hold your spot.


Make checks payable to Dianne Deal and mail to

Dianne Deal

17238 Plum Road

Caldwell, ID 83607


Any questions? Call Dianne Deal 208-880-1974

Patrick Shanahan 208-249-1667

Don Helsley 208-866-6982



Name: ________________________________________




Dog’s name:____________________________________ Age:______________________


Email:_________________________________________ Phone:_____________________


I(We) certify that I(We) am(are) the owner or duly authorized agent of the owner(s), of the dogs, entered above. I(We) agree to hold the owner of the property, Don and Jeanie Helsley , Patrick Shannahan or their employees and helpers or any employees of the property where the clinic is held, harmless from claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person, dog, stock or thing by the act of this dog(s), while in or upon the trial area, or near any entrance thereto, and I(We) assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim. I(We) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for damages or injuries to the dog(s) incurred due to negligence of or by any of the aforementioned parties, or by negligence of any other person or any other cause or causes. In case of injury to any stock by the dog(s), I(We) will assume financial responsibility for any damages. I(We) will pay the full market value of any animal killed ($150), seriously injured, or the veterinarian bill if so required. My signature and/or check consents to these conditions.



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Oh you didn't make it? There was an option to audit for a small fee.


I am still going through 4 days of notes and photos. It was absolutely one of the most incredible experiences in all my time of working dogs. The clinic was broken into two groups ... Group A and Group B. laurae came out and stayed with me, and unfortunately, I was in Group A and she was in Group B. But it all worked out and we had an awesome time. Group A spent two days with Shannahan, and then two days with Helsley. Group B went vice versa. The weather, although threatened to rain quite a bit, held out for us.


Group A


Day 1: We stayed at Patrick's all day. We each worked our dogs in the morning and highlighted the problems we're having. The afternoon was spent focused on fixing those problems. With Echo, I talked to him a lot about her not covering on the come bye side. We figured out ways to get her to go all the way around and worked on other little nuances. The group, as a whole, decided that we needed cardboard cutouts of Patrick so that we can all have a bubble as large as his! Patrick recommended just a face cutout on a popsicle stick that you can keep in your pocket and pull out as necessary. I decided I needed one of Dianne Deal. Echo works awesome when she's around.




Sheep were farm flock.




Despite how this photo looks, we all have homes. :-)






A Helsley's Cap son. Gorgeous, isn't he?




Sue Wessel working a young dog...



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Group A


Day Two:


We were all taken out to the desert. What a gorgeous place!




We gathered for the morning briefing, and all donned our new bubbles.




Patrick kicked some sheep out ...




And the clinic started ...




One of the sheep decided it didn't want to play anymore, and took off behind the hills. Patrick took Riggs and went to find it. He was gone for a good while, and then we saw him coming over the hillside. All was quiet. All you saw was Riggs working a single to Patrick's whistle. This photo does it no justice as it was quite a ways away, but it will give you the idea. Amazing.




Even the dogs were riveted.



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In the bottom of that canyon, I was having a hard time seeing and hearing what was going on when Patrick was working with other handlers. So I hiked up to the top of one of the nearest hills. Here's the view I had.




The canyon acted like a megaphone and I could hear everything he said despite the long distance.




The perspective was really cool, and not one you often see. It was almost as if I was in an airplane.




Some other random shots:






Echo's view:




I'll have more later. I haven't made it through all the photos from Helsley's place yet.




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