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Pen G Procaine Safe to Use still?

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I've got some Pen G Procaine with a June 2008 expiration date. It would be greatly preferable if I could use this tonight - I can't get to town until late tomorrow. I guess I didn't pay attention to the expiration when I bought it - I know I only bought this in the spring. :rolleyes:

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Thanks! It's not even open and has been refrigerated this whole time (that I've had it, anyway). I'll get some fresh in the morning. I know the expired tetracyclines are bad news so I wanted to look before I leaped.


No one's down but I know what's wrong and giving it tonight will head off many problems at the pass!

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Must be okay - I dosed my dothery sheep and they are neither keeled over dead, nor any worse. In fact the one that wasn't as bad is doing much better.


Management error - I forgot I skipped a whole set of sheep to do the blackleg vaccine, because they only had CD-T at the time. I'm getting the vaccine as well as the additional pen-g tonight.

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