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I know all of this is written up quite well on Pearse's web site, but I am so proud of Buzz I just had to post. Buzz and Suzy Applegate won the Nursery Ch today at Sturgis. Buzz is part of my Lyn's dog "family" as they are both by Suzy's Hap. Buzz' mom is lying by my feet as I type, quite pleased with herself for producing Buzz! Even more pleased when I gave her a dog cookie to celebrate.

Buzz' littermates were also in there with Quill and Sanra Milberg at 7th and Best and Suzy at 24th .


I am a fortunate person as I have been "fostering" Bet, who Suzy retired a year or so ago form the Open, since April when Suzy asked me to borrow Lyn as her 2nd Open dog for the year. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from such a pro as Bet out on the trial field and around the ranch as well.


And Congratulations to all those Nursery and Open dogs who made it through this trial. From all descriptions it sounded like even the seasoned dogs and handlers had some challenges.



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Yeah, way to go!! I am happy for Suzy!!


I remember your Lynn at K-fall...she was a nice dog and just has gotten nicer!! And you were just the proud "Lynn" mom as I recall!!

Congrats to Suzy and tell her that for me!!







I will sure pass along your congrats to Suzy when I pick up Lyn next week. I am sure she is quite proud of her Buzz. She will appreciate the kind words I am sure.


After her run with Lyn in the prelims Scot made a point of stopping her as she came off the field and complimented both her handling and Lyn. It meant a lot to her I know, as Scot is such a good handler.


Yes I am still the proud mom! I have had her home since the 06 Natl's and trialing her in the P/N in 07 and part of 08, so I am impressed she came "overcame" that and stepped up so fast.


And I hope your are healing up quickly.



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Suzy and Buzz had an impressive run today (and ran very well yesterday I understand, though I didn't see their run). I clerked for one of the judges in the Nursery class today and they were terrific!






Don't you just love to scribe? It's a birdseye view and can be so educational.



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