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As some of you are aware, I have been on a job search in recent months, after having been laid off from my last company. I finally found a position, and have limited time to post, but I thought I would pass this along.


One of the things we are taught in outplacment in preparing for an interview is to try to find something in common that would break the ice with the person conducting the interview. The best approach is to look around the office at pictures, plaques, etc. that might key the candidate to a source of discussion. Well, I went on an interview at one of my "target" companies, and the hiring manager (the person who makes the final decision) was my first appointment. I walked into his office, and the first thing I saw was a Border Collie calendar on the wall. It turns out that he is heavily into BC rescue, and that we both own a purebred BC and a BC mix. With an opening conversation about dogs and our love for the BC breed, the rest of the interview went VERY smoothly.


Oh, incidentally...I got the job...

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LOL, that's a great story! Congratulations on your new job!!!


Me, too, have a BC calendar at work (and lots of pics of Ouzo), but unfortunatly all the interviews I conduct are held in a big meeting room :rolleyes: If someone was qualified, AND was into Border Collies, I would definetly hire that person

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I too am job hunting and hadn't thought about the dog angle, though I'm targeting shelters for jobs in the behavior, adoptions, or education departments.


I did however decide that if I get to interview for an education position that I just heard about, I will be sending the HR manager a copy of Maggie's resume since she'd be helping me during presentations on dog care/training/etc. :rolleyes:

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