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Turning on a dime...and sliding out...

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Hi, it's been a while since I have been able to post on these boards but I have been able to read them and always find the boards informative and entertaining!


I have a question about Cody. When he is playing "chase" with another dog, he is normally the one that starts the chase, and he runs way faster than the other dog. Then, he turns "on a dime" but I notice his back legs "slide out" from under him during the hard turns. I have been attributing it to him being too fast and his hind quarters are trying to catch up to his front. But someone said maybe there is something wrong with his hips?


He doesn't limp, he doesn't have any apparent walking or jumping problems. It's just when he is running fast and turns quickly. but he recovers almost instantaneously from the slip and keeps running.


Any suggestions or advice? He is going for his annual vet exam in a few weeks so I will mention it also to the vet but just wondered if other "normal" BCs do this.



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Don't know what to say other than is the ground slippery? Maybe he loses his footing on wet or dewy grass. Otherwise, it could just be he doesn't know his own speed :D . I'd let your vet check his legs to make sure they're ok. When Skye turns on the jets, she doesn't make sharp turns so much as figures out the best angle for interception ... this might have been something she matured into :rolleyes:

I think they modify their zoomies as they get older in order to minimize sore muscles in case they are taking too many tumbles.


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