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I've only written one poem in my life. this was about my first Border Collie, Mac. And although I realize only dogs that are gone are TRULY great, and the longer they they have been gone the greater they are, he really was a great dog. I wrote the first four verses while he was still alive, and while I had some idea about what the last verse would be, I wouldn't write it until he was gone. I have tried to read it out loud to others, but never seem to be able to get through the whole thing. This is what he was all about. Hope you enjoy.


In the spring, when he was just a pup

we brought him to live with us

he was just a tiny little thing, but so sure of himself

and as he learned the ways of the world , and grew, sound of body and mind

good manners and the things a good citizen should know,

when I’d throw a ball, he’d bring it back and say “ I’d like to do that again”


In the summer, when he’d grown big and strong

we went to a Sheepdog trial, and found, what a Border Collie was all about

so, we started to learn , he and I,

for you see, he already knew about making them move,

and when something we tried didn’t work out just right,

he’d look up and say “We can do better, let’s try it again”


In the fall, he was in his prime, quite a sight

standing proud at what he’d become

we would work all day long, as the partners we’d become

and when, after a hard job was done, and the sheep in the pen

he’d look up and say “That was fun, let’s do it again”


In the winter, when he was getting quite gray

it was so nice to lay in the sun,

and watch sons and grandsons, do the hard dirty work

but he always had that look that said

“If you need any help, I’d be glad to help again”


In the spring, where he is now, forever young

the aches and pains are all gone

with endless green hills, and sheep far to see

I know he’ll meet me when I get there too

and say “Hi Boss, let’s get to work again”



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