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Buzz has some bad news-

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The BuzzMeister had his third chemo yesterday, and the protocol is to xray at that time to see how the lungs are doing. He did show a nodule, that was not present when he had his surgery in June. The nodule is about 2 centimeters, which is a sizable chunk of cancer to have in your lung.


This means, of course, that the osteo sarcoma is progressing despite treatment. I made the decision to go ahead and have this chemo done, and we'll xray again in 4 weeks. If there are more visible nodules, or this one is larger, we'll not treat anymore except for comfort and pain managment.


He's not feeling well today, had to be coaxed to eat. He slept pretty well last night, and did a decent walk around at the park this morning, so I'm hopeful that he'll feel more like himself in a day or two.


Please keep Buzz in your thoughts.


ruth n the bc3

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