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Soldier Hollow Results!


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Hello all,


If I am reading the scores correctly, here are top three teams from Soldier Hollow:


Scott Glen and Pleat 154


Beverly Lambert and Bill 137


Faansie Basson and Jan 135



Congratulations to all!!!!




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You did read them correctly. The handlers and their dogs were all wonderful today. Scott Glen and Pleat laid down a run that had everything done well, just amazing. And Bev and Bill were outstanding, and just so fun to watch. Faansie Basson has become quite a favorite there, and it was nice to see him and Jan get a medal. He is so low key and smooth with the sheep. And the sheep were still feisty, prickly, and quite inclined to stomp their feet, lower their heads, and tell the dogs, "Make me!"


Despite rather odd weather conditions, the handlers and dogs accomplished wonderful things and lots of spectators hung in through it all. Storm cells were rolling through, and we went from cold, to rainy, to really rainy, to really really rainy, to 1/4-inch hail, back to rain, to thunder, to sun, and then back to rain, and then back to sun. What a motley day! I of course hadn't packed well, so I was there in a $5 drugstore poncho and a T-shirt. I broke down and bought a sweater with a border collie embroidered on it which has already become my favorite sweater.


A special treat was getting to watch today's trial with Deb (Allie Oop) and Margie (Withzia) who are local Utahns.

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