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Couldn't stand not having stock

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Since selling all our sheep in prep to move to CO. Mick, Dew and I are going stock withdrawl crazy. But no LGD's so no sheep for us.

We did the next best thing.

We borrowed 3 young dog broke (not to broke so it's still fun) steers. If we can handle that I've got 12 more coming in a couple weeks.

We all feel much better now.

Watch the darn farm sell now that we're working stock on it again. At least they are gonig to start to eat a bit of the grass I got growing. I've brush hogged 2x's and in some places 3 times since selling the sheep. THe guy lending me the cattle begged me to have my fields hayed for him. I used chicken litter for almost 3 years to improve my pasture. You can now tell it's working like a dream! I'm trying to get it baled now.


I love my cows! Anything that we can work will put a smile on our faces!


With the long grass if Mick doesn't listen he's up the creek. He's listening...YES!!!!


Nothing better than that good working smile you come in with!


Dew can't work them in the long grass but she can certainly work them in the short grass. Who'd of thunk I'd be a real cowgirl with real cowdogs!

Loving my stock...even if they're a bit big!

:rolleyes: is there an ahhhhh emoticon?


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Sorry no pictures. I'm on the slowest dialup ever!

Just imagine nice black and white cows bout 600#'s then a couple black and white dogs. Learning how to rate these rather slow moving huge creatures. There's a picture for your mind!


Mick is really enjoying them. Dew is kinda bummed cause she's just a bit green for blind commands so can't work them in the tall grass. But we're working on making hay!

Mick even worked them in the pond yesterday. Took flanks while swimming. Cool Cool cool! He's a swimming cowdog! We put them at the pond just to show them where to get a drink. I forgot that cows will go right in. Sheep don't. So then I just had to see if Mick would go in after them. Well yes he did. BUt he really blew me away when he was taking swimming flanks and keeping his cool the whole while. He did forget what the words That'll do mean. He's been stockless for about 2 months so he really didn't want to quit. I reminded him that meant to quit NOW and all's well!


I love sheep more but we're really learning how to settle down on these cows. I was a bit nervous about the cows and the size but they aren't bad at all. I need to teach Mick to heel, he's more a heading dog so I figure I've got to teach him to bite where I show him with the stock stick cause I'm not bending over to touch the heels with my head and hand! Lots of learning on my part!


They are holstiens. Calm, easy moving and not very kicky. The others that will come later are all mixed. We'll see.


Hey Jodi I'm jealous of you learning and handling doing your own butchering. But I'll just have to eat beef for now! I'll be getting it from the neighbors...not butchering my own!


Cowgirls are us!


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