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We had my SIL's 2 dogs staying with us for a week, and they both went home last night. Cheza seemed okay last night, but this morning she is quite upset. She went and tried to wake them up this morning, but realized the crates were gone, and so were her friends. She has been looking for them, whining and seriously giving me the stink eye. I hope she gets over it quickly.


Salem on the other hand is thrilled all of those loud girls are out of his house.


I think Cheza might need another bc in the house to play with. :rolleyes:

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When my brother brought his two dogs here last year from Colorado, I thought Scooter would hate it. He had the same kind of reaction when they left a week later though...looking for them, listless, like he was depressed. Wish I could get him a buddy, but not in the cards right now. :rolleyes:

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