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Smart or Sneaky???

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hmmmmm! Well let me share the latest cute?, thing that Phoenix is doing....

Every night right before bed time, I walk outside with him and hope he will go pee, so we can sleep a little later in the AM. So I have been saying, gooo peeee! and as soon as he does, always by the fence & the same spot, I throw his frisbee a couple of times then inside to bed. Lately he has been going out and right over to the fence before I say anything, pees then runs to me to play. hmmm that's is good, yes??.. BUT... the other night he ran over to the fence and just stood there for maybe a count of 2! I know he didn't pee, I know it!!! and runs to me expecting to play frisbee.

Sooooo, whadda think......smart or sneaky???

Anyone elses BC's do anything similarly smart/sneaky??? :rolleyes:

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Both my dogs pretend to pee all the time! When we go visit my parents, we are just getting out of the car from a 1 hour trip. I know they need to go. So they have to go before we go in my parents' house. I take them over to the spot and say "get busy" (our cue) and they both squat for like 1 second and then try to run for the door. "Liars!" I say and make them really go before we go inside. :rolleyes:


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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Well, since getting Skip, Jackson is no longer sole owner of the toys. So, when I go to the bathroom, Jackson has always took this to mean, captive audience, must throw toy. Problem is, Skip also follows me in in there and when Jackson puts the toy on the floor for me to throw, Skip grabs it. So, now Jackson puts his front paws up on the counter and drops the toy in the sink! I can reach it, Skip can't! What a silly boy!

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You gooooo Jackson! now that is smart!

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