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I know someone who needs a service dog that abuses this privillage - she absolutely does not need the dog on the plane, this dog isn't even trained to actually predict her seisures!


If they are doing it, I see no problem with you doing it either.


Really they should just let pets on the planes when you wanted.


I could definetly get my dog registered as a service dog (for real reasons) as an emotional assitence dog it's just not actually necessary for me to do it; but I've thought about if for sure.



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I do not think (OPINION) that psycological companions are service dogs. I ABSOLUTELY believe that the animal is something that could therapeutically benifit a person, but not service in the sense that the ADA Acts define. Service animals are cpearly defined as an animal that does a specific task that is limited by disability. In the context of most psych dogs, it is more rehabilitation and recovery.


Again... just my opinion, but I would not want to come into my court if I was a judge.

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Well, I don't know that I would agree with that since I personally know two people who would probably have committed suicide had it not been for their service dogs, so I think that qualifies as a limiting disability.


One of these individuals is bi-polar, has been in therapy and on pychiatric medication for much of his adult life, suicide runs in his family, and his former girlfriend committed suicide in his home a couple of years ago. I doubt he could have gotten through that without his dog.


The other also tried to commit suicide prior to acquiring her dog. The dog gave her a reason to live, although in that case the dog is not an official service dog.


Please don't shortchange people who have ligitimate phychological disabilities. For them it is every bit as debilitating, if not more so, than for those with physical disabilities.

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Maybe its just me, but is anyone looking at it from the dogs point of view? I traveled back from the UK with my dog and maybe it is just that he is a tall border collie, but I wouldn't want to make him cram in some tiny space to save a buck or to "know" he was alright... I let him ride in the specail pet baggage hold, talked to the airline about the area he would be riding in, pestered flight attendants to make sure he was on the plane,etc. He got to ride in his large crate (which he is use to and loves to be in when he is stressed) with plenty of room, bones to chew, water, and a nice soft bed. Now he is in training to be a SAR dog but I wouldn't ever use that unless going to a mission just for his comfort. I found the airline staff more than understanding and helpful, and Jack got into Boston well rested and calm. Sure I was a little stressed but I didn't need him to be too.

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