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First herding lesson for Spirit!


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Spirit had her first herding lesson on Monday!

It was so exciting, and she did SO well! Our instructor said she had a lot of potential, and A LOT of desire, but I should have a lot of fun with her! I think the hardest thing is going to be keeping her nice and steady, she just wants to jump right in there! :D


Does anyone have any advice for working with an intense dog? I'm completely new to this (I even still keep getting Come By and Away to Me mixed up :rolleyes: ) so any thoughts would help.




(And you can view pictures here :D )


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Very cool! Grady has an instinct test/first lesson this coming Monday. He's 6 months. I'm pretty excited about it. I had Lucia on sheep 6 times when she was a year old and it's so much fun. I want to see if he can let Lucia try again. She may be better now that she's older.


Nice pics too. She a great looking dog :rolleyes:

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