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Our 8 year BC started with a lipoma near his right arm pit area 3 years ago. He developed a few mo within the next couple years Our vet who we trust did needle biopsy on all them and they were all benign. Over the last few years she has developed more on both sides and back area. At our last visit our vet was pretty sure all were benign and didn't even do an biopsy on them. Some have been getting bigger. Should all of the lipomas be biopsied? Any other advice or recommendations would be appreciated.





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My older dog has had several lipomas appear since she was about 6 luckily they have all been benign lumps and she had a 2 and a half hour op last year @ age 13 to remove 3 larger ones. From what I can gather in lipomas the edges are easily felt ,can mostly be palpated all the way around ie they are between skin and muscle and are not painful or sensitive,they can also get pretty big!.Dallas s biggest one weighed 450grams and it was located on her hind leg flank.The whole dog only weighs 15kgs! Hopefully your dogs lumps are innocent and dont get so large.Good Luck and yes I think lipomas are all benign.

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My acd has a couple. She has one at her sternum and has a new one that has popped up on an elbow.


Since they are easily moveable and not "attached" per se, we don't have fears about being cancer.


If the vet has checked them all and feels they are fine I would not be so concerned. I would however keep an eye on all of them. Make sure you know how they feel, size etc... so if there is a change you will know.

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