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Nicknames ... could be embarrasing...

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Talking about whether our dogs know their names, and at the risk of humiliating myself, I thought it would be funny (or just plain wrong :rolleyes: ) if we shared the nicknames we have for our dogs.


Here are Skye's, in no particular order (besides increasingly embarrasing ... )


Skye = skye-dog, skye-the-wunder-dog, bink, binkily-winkily, weiner, dinkily-winkily, poo-head, licker-of-bum/kisser-of-faces.


Okay, that's enuf. :D Your turn.


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Lizzie - Iz, liz, lizmo (hence the username), liz girl, izzy, biz.


Blaze - Bazers, buddy, baze buddy.


Jake - Jakers, Jakey Poo.


Major - well he's just always been Major boy lol

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Solo: Handsome, Babyface, Goofus, Dude, Mr. Scary (extra points to anyone who gets THAT reference), Big Yellow Eye, Creepy Human Lips, The Canine John Nash


Fly: Worm, Stupid, Wagwagwagwag, Flyflyfly, YAY!!!!!


Jett: Baddog (she answers to this one as quickly as her actual name), Monster, Pointy, Beady Little Eye, Black Dog, Jettness

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Let's see...


Rain: Miss Rain, Little Miss Rain, Rainy-girl, Cutie, Sweetie, Baby Girl, Baby Doll


Storm: Stormy-boy, Mr. Nibbles, Sir Barks-a-Lot (he has these earsplitting barking fits sometimes when we play, otherwise a quiet dog), Fluffy-butt


Lightning: Tongue, Lickity-Split, Frightning-Lightning (cause he makes vicious-looking faces at the other dogs, but they ignore him)


Thunder: Thunda, Thunda-boy, Stinky, Stinky-dog, Goofball, Clown


Flash: Flash-man, Flashy-boy, Sausage (not quite so fitting now that he's actually beginning to drop a few pounds)


Noah: Fuzzball


Flurry: Goofball, Fudgeface, Flurry-burry, Flurry-pup


I do it with my horses too:

Skittles: Skittle-dittle, Little Skittle


Jazzy: Snazzy Jazzy, Spazzy Jazzy, Jazz-matazz, Jazzy-matazzy


Tanner: Tan-Man

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How did I forget that one?!

At a flyball tournament earlier this year, Zeb was being his usual goofy self and as someone was walking by he had a moment of "OH! I think I like them!" silliness, which usually involves spinning and wiggling. She called him a goofball and he smiled and wiggled back at her. I could totally see him thinking "That's my name!" LOL! I don't call him that quite so much anymore, but I must have overused it when he was younger...

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Scooter's many names:


Scooter Tooter






Big Guy


Little Man


Handsome Boy


Goofy Guy


Sweet Boy


Mama's Sweet Boy (his least favorite; after all, he is 3 1/2!) :rolleyes:

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Riddle: The Queen Mother, Riddle-Piddle (or Rid-Pid), Rid, Momma Dog

Tikkle: Tik, The Princess, Tikkle the Resurrected, Monkey-Moo, Shmunkin

Alli: Allikins, Al

Sabre: Uncle Sabre, Sabie, The Big Guy


And one I used to have named Buddy was always The Budman



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I am queen of nicknames. My friends make fun of me because I have so many nicknames for the dogs.


Jazz: Mavis, May, MayMay, Maybell, fatdog, Fluffybutt, Jazzabell, Eore

Raven: Ray, RayRay, Raymond, Diggergirl, Her Bitchiness, Raymundy, Mundy, MundyBuckets, Squirrel girl, MonkeyDog, PutYourTailDown

Mick: Mouse, Dick, Moe, Mickey, Mick the Dick, Troll, Blackdog, King of Bitches, Tricky Mickey, Dancerfeet, Buddy, DorkyDog, Dickhead (I see a theme of Dickness here)

Dew: Dewlittle, Dewlots, Dewbert, DewDewBean, Beanhead, Beanerbutt, TeenyBeany LittleBits, Minnie and my least favorite.. AkitaTail cause her tail is curled over her back like an Akita when she's not working


And like Doe Ray Me. I call them all with Moe, Ray, May, Dew. It comes out like a song!


My kids all had nicknames too.

I'm bad!


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Solo: Mr. Scary (extra points to anyone who gets THAT reference


Okay, I'll bite...? Maybe a picture would tell the story....


I love reading through these names :rolleyes:

I'm so glad I'm not the only idiot around here......

My favourites so far: Creepy human lips, Fluffy butt, Beanhead (I'm partial to this one since I used to call Riley this :D ) and Numb Nuts!

But they're all hilarious. Keep em coming!


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Jade's nicknames: Jaders, Jadums, Jaderbug, Goofer, Girlie, Crazy, Crazy Face/Head/Butt, Rocket Jade


Rocko and Sasha are collectively called 'Pup' or 'Pups' (even though they're 6 years old) and they respond to it as if it is their names (I don't think they ever learned their own, they both come to either name)

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My dogs know their own names, their myriad of nicknames, each other's names and nicknames, their friends' names - dog, cat and human - and they also know their toys' names (Fifa, Wootie Toy, Ball, Not This Ball, That Ball etc.)


They also all believe that they are in trouble if one of them is in trouble. The "F" word sends them all scurrying away to hide. If one gets in trouble I have to smile at and love on the other two so they don't think it's them. And if there are cookies involved any time I ask someone for a behaviour, I may get that behaviour from all three dogs even if I only asked the one. When there are no obvious cookies, I pretty much just get it from the one.


Mr. Woo is aware that he has many many names (Woo, Wootie, Tricky, Tricky Woo, Mr. Woo, Noodles, Noods, WooHoo! Woot! etc.) and persistently ignores each and every one of them. I am thinking about just changing his name to "Stupid Dink" and getting it over with already.




ETA - this ended up in the wrong thread, and I'm not really sure how that happened. Sorry.

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Odin is Sweetheart (laa-aame, we know), Poopy, Little Palomino, Stormbringer, Whoa-tan!


Dr. Benway is the Good Doctor, Ben-waster, A$$hole, Jerk, Sh*t-monkey


Lobo is a nickname, actually - he used to be Dr. Fingerschaffer. *I* demoted him even before he sprayed my head! :rolleyes: His original nickname was the Lobotomy Kid. He now also gets Dobo, Bobo, Da-Bobo, Silky-lips Hoolihan, and Stupid.

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Let me see if I can remember all of Lily's nicknames...Sorry for any repeats from previous posts......


Lily: ...a.k.a.....






-Little Lady,

-"Let's make a deal" Lil (She bargains whether or not to obey)


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Lol, well I'm glad I'm not the only one with silly nicknames for my dog.


Lootah = Loo, Loot, Looty and somehow I started calling him Woo, lol. My mum calls him LooLoo, which I hate, lol.


Dont have to many for Sakari right now, Just Kari for short and then my mum is lazy and calls her Kar


My Labrador that passed last year was called Gremlin, some of his were Grem, Gremy, Grempypoo, Gremyloo, Gremgrems. We had him for 12 years so we had quite a few for him.

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