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ZODIAC POWERSPOT Flea and Tick Control?


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Hey everyone,


Is the Zodiac Powerspot Flea and Tick Control a good preventative tool, or is it only for once the dog actually gets fleas/ticks? I was told that it was also to prevent them, but I was reading the back more thoroughly, and it doesn't seem to say that it is...


Thanks to anyone who replies in advance. :rolleyes:

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I would stay away from all those second generation spot-ons. I was toying with the idea of posting a warning anyway, because we had such a bad experience here.


We used this stuff:



I put it on five of the six inside dogs - I don't use spot ons on Zhi because there's something about her hair that doesn't spread them around right.


All five immediately started itching. I thought it was the fleas scurrying for their lives (wishful thinking!). Gus starting whining and biting himself, and Maggie within hours was tearing at her hair near where the stuff was put on - you are supposed to apply it where they can't reach.


The next day, they all broke out in huge sores near where the stuff had been applied. Ben and Ted were depressed and Maggie and Lynn were still tearing at themselves frantically.


I washed everyone down with soothing shampoo and an oatmeal rinse and the frantic itching lessened. Maggie and Lynn still messed with it for a week.


Several days later, all of them scabbed up heavily along where the stuff had been applied, and Maggie and Lynn both lost some hair.


And by the way, the fleas weren't affected much. :rolleyes:

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I also advise you to stay away from any of these types of products (wormers, flea and tick products, medicated shampoos, etc) that you can purchase anywhere other than from the vet.


I did a quick google search on the product you are questioning and there are a lot of BAD reviews.

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