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Not sure if this should be in the other board


Ive been reading the old topics about diet, raw feeding and so on. What would be the best food for a border collie? Our dogs have always been on a varied diet of meats, dog bikkies and vegies but I would like to know what everyone thinks is best.

What are the best vegies for a dog and should they be cooked first? How often should eggs be given?

It would be great if you could let me know of the 'perfect' dog dinner. Great if the measurments where in cups to make it simple.


Love this board!


Thanks :rolleyes:

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There is no perfect diet. :rolleyes: Each dog and owner is different and thus the "perfect" diet for one dog/owner may be absolutely horrible for another.


My girls eat a quality dog kibble, I use several brands in rotation just for variety. I could feed raw, and some would argue that it's healthier than kibble, but raw doesn't transport well, I have a huge aversion to raw meat (won't even touch the stuff to make meals for myself lol), and I would constantly worry that I was doing it "right", so for me raw is not a real option at this point in time. My girls do well on their kibble and I add supplements and yogurt to give them a little extra support, so for us, that's what works.

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Guest maya's mom

We have been feeding our 8 month old California Natural for about 5 months. Just switched her to the adult formula (Lamb Meal & Rice) and she is doing well. We do also feed her a lot of vegetables in place of standard dog treats. While we eat dinner, she gets a Kong filled with peanut butter, apples and carrots. During our training sessions, I sometimes give her frozen sugar snap peas which she loves! (Oddly, she won't eat fresh ones...!?!?) When I do use treats, I use all natural ones like Sam's Yam's (dehydrated sweet potatoes), or Zukes natural salmon or chicken breast treats. Maya is always getting complemented on her beautiful shiny coat, and I think a lot of this is the food we give her. We also give her other random fruit/veggies. If it's something I've never given her, I look it up online to make sure it is safe for dogs. For instance, grapes and raisins are NOT. Hope this helps!

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You've just got to find what works best for your dog and your lifestyle. I cook breakfasts for my guys and feed raw meaty bones. It's time consuming but not too expensive compared to super premium foods, plus I have lots of control over the ingredients. I've fed premium and super premium kibbles, too. Border Collies are a widely varied breed so there's no one way that's either really not right, or really perfect, for all individuals in the breed.


If you are interested in educating yourself on dog food ingredients, check out this site: dogfoodproject.com


My favorite "quick and dirty" raw feeding info site is rawdogranch.com


Remember though that no one source is the be-all, end-all authority on nutrition for your dog. I firmly believe that in fact the closest thing to an expert you have is right there, wearing that furry coat. If you do the research so that you are making sensible choices, whatever you settle on is what works best for your dog and you really have to let him or her tell you that.


Have fun!

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