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After PT Duck died, I wasn't counting on any ducklings this year....my girls, however, begged to differ. As of tonight, I'm up to 7 new ducklings :D 3 are a week old, one hatched Saturday, one on Sunday (my birthday) and two are hatching tonight (my brother's birthday!) All are doing well and I'm being extremely vigilant about water, food, bedding. I'm hoping to have all of these grow up healthy!

I also have one duck who is AWOL (well, I know where she is) but she refused to be cooped at night. She has a lovely nest but it's so well hidden, I don't know how many eggs she is setting. Could be I'll have a mess o' ducklings soon! :rolleyes:

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So far, they are doing okay. I did lose one :rolleyes: but it was very weak, and didn't survive 24 hours. The others seem to be thriving! I'll post some pictures soon. As for the AWOl duck, she comes out in the evening looking for food..but I'm not sure if her eggs will survive. A couple of nights, she joined the others in the duckhouse then went back the nest in the morning. Time will tell, I guess! In the meantime, I'm having lots of fun watching the antics of 6 messy ducklings :D

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