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Introducing Bliss

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Bliss is a tri-colored border collie. She is 5-6 years old. Her mom thought she deserved a better home. She was kept in the backyard all day and the kids didn't want to play with her. She is spayed, well mannered, but needs some brush up courses on NOT JUMPING. Her teeth need some work and she needs to lose some weight. You are allowed 3 pets in the city, so I always keep one crate free for an extra rescue.


Bliss seems happy to be here. She sure looks a lot like Usher. Her coat is longer and hopefully when I can get her to stay a distance from me, I can take some better pics.

So, Bliss, show us that "senior smile" we'll get your teeth fixed.


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She does look sweet, and a lot like Usher too. I can't wait to see her after she's with you for a while.

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After only having her for a few days. There is NO WAY I am letting this one go. She would make an excellent service dog, but ......I can't have my heart broken anymore. Usher and her are getting along so well. I'm already in love!!

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