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i am sooooooooooooooooo p*****d off at the minute!!!!!!!!!!!!

what date is it????? 22 APRIL yes???

the time?????? 5 to sodding 11 at night yes???

so why in the h*** is someone letting off FIREWORKS??????

sounds like some big display or something!!!!!

were any posters put up warning pet owners? no!

did anyone think of the effects it will have on peoples pets?? no!

are they aware that they are in the countryside in the midst of lambing season???? i doubt it very much!

poor tikki is a wreck! i dont know what to do for him.

grr rant over!

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yes i think they are all done now!

i might break out the celebration pigs feet as an extra special treat for tikki who did manage to not explode in terror, bless him!

brighid, fortunately didnt even seem to notice!

is there a chance i may actually have a dog who is not terrified of fireworks??? that'll be a first for me!

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I used to live in Louisville for a couple of years and I remember what a big thing Thunder over Louisville always is!

The fireworks are spectacular, especialy those that fall from the bridge that connects KY and IN over the Ohio river(is it 2nd Street Bridge, I forgot...)

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i know how you feel, the Officers Mess here had a ball not long back with a fireworks display but did they feel the need to tell the rest of the base about the fireworks? Of course not :mad: !!! Luckily Bailey isnt phased by loud noises although thunder freaks him out a little. He loved the airshow last year, he fell in love with an golden lab and spent the entire day trying to follow her everywhere :rolleyes: . I am so lucky I didnt get a dog thats scared by loud noises considering where we live

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Aww, Im glad things have calmed down now.

Ive taken Jen to a couple of firework shows. She didnt bolt, but she wasnt loving it either. I cant imagine what she would do, if I let her out to pee one night and big fireworks started going off out of the blue. . .Glad everythings ok.

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