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world's most handsome border collie!

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Who can't love this face?




And notice how he holds the floppy squirrel? So regal!



He even has a slight, ahem - dare I say - flamboyance (TM RDM)?

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Hello all,


I agree with Robin that "handsome is as handsome does", so here's my handsome boy at his best!



(photo by Barb Klein)




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I think Gunnar's a contendor. Plus he likes to cuddle...can't beat that.




and this is what he says to everyone else....



heheh, love bragging about the pups.


Everyone's boys are gorgeous! Keep em coming!

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gosh, you guys are funny, but lets get serious now, HERE is the worlds most handsome border collie, no wait make that most hansome dog ever . . .



well to me anyway :rolleyes:, I cant help it I'm in love.

funnily enough most people mistake him for a girl, lol.

but I guess when you pull faces like this your kinda askin for that . . .


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